Filming & Editing

Virtually in Love Film

This film was casted, shot and edited in Los Angeles. During the film I served as the Graphics Assistant, Assistant Editor, Production Assistant and Craft Services. The programs I used to edit and animate the film include Adobe Premier Pro, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Vans Motion

Graphics Video

This video was created as a motion graphics advertisement assignment

in my motion graphics class at Ohio University. All photos, videos, graphics, and edits done my me. Created with After Effects and Premier Pro.

Donkey Coffee 

Documentary Video

This video was created as an assignment for my video editing class at Ohio University. It was created as a short documentary on the art shows held at the popular landmark, Donkey Coffee, in Athens, Ohio. It is composed of a series of interviews I conducted with the shop owner and several of the artists on display at the time. Created with Premier Pro.