Marketing Campaigns


Recycle Mania Campaign

These video-board advertisements

were displayed inside every academic building at Ohio University and were seen by thousands of students and faculty. They were created to encourage students to engage in the annual Recycle Mania Tournament where schools across the United States compete to see who will recycle the most. Photoshop and InDesign were utilized to make these 



Battle of the Greens Campaign

Seen by thousands of students and faculty at Ohio University, these video-boards were created to inform students to take part in the annual Battle of the Greens recycling competition. Illustrator and InDesign were utilized in the creation of these advertisements.

reusable bag1.jpeg

Bring Your Own

Bag Campaign

Thousands of students were exposed to these video-board advertisements in attempt to influence them to bring reusable bags to campus markets, as opposed to using plastic bags. Photoshop and InDesign were used to create these advertisements.

reusable bag 2.jpeg
reusable bag 3.jpeg